Fun in a winter without winter

Here are some zany winter fun ideas to pass the time during our winter of no winter. Hopefully, everyone realizes that these are whimsical and they are not intended for actual participation (with the possible exception of the Iceland summer). Enjoy!

  • Snow cone battles – replaces snowball fights. Skip the paper cups though.
  • Ice cream shot put – see who can toss a single 1/2 gallon of ice cream the furthest.
  • Tennis without a net – death-defying net-less (no, it does not mean internet) tennis all winter long. No let serves or blaming the net for being set too high in this game.
  • Cross-country roller-skiing – I see people practice this in warm weather, so why not in cold weather?
  • Igloo melting competition – when you actually do get snow, build an igloo and see whose melts the slowest.
  • Downhill butt scorch – can’t ski downhill, try riding on something slick or slippery.
  • Snow “Mobile” – if we can’t get snow here to go snowmobiling, then make some snow and ship it to Mobile, Alabama. I’m sure they’d love it.
  • Dry land dog-sledding – pull a toboggan or little red wagon with dogs sitting on/in it. Let them have the fun of sledding for a change.
  • Frozen loogie – no, not luge, loogie – wait for a really cold night and then hurl some loogies and see if they freeze before contact with the ground. Hours of endless fun here folks.
  • Ice cube putt-putt – here’s a challenge for that duffer in the household – sink a putt using an ice-cube instead of a golf ball. Hurry, because this year the cube may melt before it reaches the hole.
  • Frosty snow angels – lie down on your back in a patch of frosty grass and create your own frosty snow angel.
  • Stump a meteorologist – call in a report of heavy snow on a 50F day and confuse the daylights out of your local meteorologist. Since they rarely get the forecast right anyway, what’s the difference?
  • Pretend you live in Iceland – since it feel like an Icelandic summer, then act like it. Grill outdoors, picnic, go for a walk, go birdwatching, and enjoy a day in the chilly sunshine.
  • Call Florida Tourism – tell them you will be spending spring break up north in Manitoba where it’s warmer.
  • Dress like it’s really winter – imagine the looks you’ll get as you walk down the street in your scarf and mittens while everyone else is in shorts. No, you are not weird, you’re a fashion statement!
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