Two outstanding new British rock albums



I have been captivated by two new rock album releases – and as is so often the case, both come from British musicians – one by Cornershop and theater by EOB (Ed O’Brien of Radiohead).


England is a Garden is a spectacular and thought-provoking protest album against Brexit and other forms of nationalism by the Indian-Anglo band, Cornershop.  My favorite tracks on this twelve (12) tune album are:

Cornershop – Source:

Meanwhile, EOB’s first solo album, Earth, is a exciting release that reaches out and touches the soul in so many ways. My favorite tracks on this album are:

  • Shangri-La” – his voice sounds so much like Thom Yorke’s
  • Brasil” – a simply gorgeous dreamy anthem of hope
  • Banksters” – sounds like an angry track taken directly from Hail to the Thief

EOB – Source:


If you are interested in either of these new albums, here are hyperlinks to them on*



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