Samples of Brutalist Architecture in Michigan

Huron Towers (1960) in Ann Arbor

Close-up of the East Tower at Huron Towers

Governmental Center (1979) in Traverse City

2929 Plymouth Office Building (1969) – Ann Arbor – designed by Alden Dow

Walkway between the Huron Towers

AT&T Exchange Building (former Michigan Bell) in Okemos

School of Information Building (1963) on U of M North Campus in Ann Arbor

The Graduate Hotel (1970) – former Campus Inn in Ann Arbor

Bell tower on campus of Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City

Exterior walkway at Governmental Center in Traverse City

New (1979) and old (1900), side-by-side in Traverse City

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2 Responses to Samples of Brutalist Architecture in Michigan

  1. Steven J Van Steenhuyse says:

    Great collection, although I would argue that the Plymouth Office Building is more in the mid-century modern mode. Thanks!


    • problogic says:

      Thank you very much. As you know, classifying buildings into specific styles/modes of architecture can be tricky at times. The materials, massiveness, repetitiveness, and mounting on pillars all lent me to feel it falls into the Brutalist category. It’s also a mode that was routinely employed by Alden B. Dow (the architect).


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