Brutalist architecture buildings seen/visited

Closes Memorial Hall (1963) – Source:

Brutalist Architecture often evokes strong reactions, both positive and negative, from the general public. While there are certainly some “less than stirring” examples, there are also quite lovely and inspiring ones too. One of my favorites is Clowes Memorial Hall on the campus of Butler University (see photo above).

Sadly, it’s their sometimes controversial appearance that can make these structures more susceptible to demolition, well before their usefulness has ended. While many mistakenly believe the name “brutalist” comes from their imposing, often stark fortress-like appearance, in reality it pertains to the exposed raw concrete, a.k.a. “beton brut” as noted by renown architect Le Corbusier.

Several websites including and the Brutalist Buildings page on Facebook are attempting to rectify this situation by showing these buildings/structures a little love and showcasing the need for protection of outstanding examples of this modernist subcategory.

Below, is my running list of Brutalist buildings and structures that I recall seeing and/or visiting over the years. As I have the chance to see/visit others, this last will be updated. Enjoy!

Seen (S) – means drive past or seen from the roadway – usually from a distance
Visited (V) – entered, walked, or spent time on the property (inside or out)

The date provided is the date of completion, except in the case of the Metro Stations in DC, as those were variable dates depending on the station.

  • AT&T (former Michigan Bell) Exchange Building (1969) in Okemos, MI (V)
  • BT Tower (former Post Office Tower) (1964) in London, UK (S)
  • Cassell Coliseum (1964) at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA (V)
  • City Hall (1969) in Boston, MA (V)
  • City Hall (1965) in Toronto, ON, Canada (V)
  • Clowes Memorial Hall (1963) on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, IN (V)
  • CN Tower (1976) in Toronto, ON, Canada (V)
  • College Park Pyramids (1972) in Indianapolis, IN (S) – nearly across the street from my high school.
  • Compass Bank branch (former Union Bank) (1972) in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/19/18
  • Core Professional Center (1972) in Traverse City, MI (V) 5/12/18
  • Corson Auditorium (1975) at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, MI (V)
  • Daley Library at UIC in Chicago, IL (V)
  • Disney Contemporary Resort (1971) near Orlando, FL (V)
  • Empire State Plaza (1976) in Albany, NY (S) – my favorite Brutalist skyscrapers (see below)

Empire State Plaza (1976) – Source:

  • Engineering Center (1965) at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO (V)
  • FBI Headquarters (1964) in Washington, DC (S)
  • Federal Reserve Bank (1977) in Boston, MA (S)
  • Governmental Center (1979) in Traverse City, MI (V)
  • Government Service Center (1971) in Boston, MA (V)
  • Graduate Hotel (former Campus Inn ) (1970) in Ann Arbor, MI (V)
  • Hannah Administration Building on the MSU Campus in East Lansing, MI (V)
  • Harvest Mission
    Church (formerly) University Reformed Church (1964) in Ann Arbor, MI (V) – added 3/3)18
  • Hilton Hotel (former Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building) (1971) in Indianapolis, IN (S)
  • Huron Towers (1960) in Ann Arbor, MI (V) – see photo below

Huron Towers (1960) -Source:

  • Indiana University Assembly Hall (1971) in Bloomington, IN (S)
  • Indiana University Stadium (1960) in Bloomington, IN (V)
  • John J. Barton Apartments (1968) in Indianapolis, IN (S)
  • Kosciusko County Governmental Center (1981) in Warsaw, Indiana (V) – added 5/29/18
  • Litchfield Towers (1963) in Pittsburgh, PA (S)
  • Main Library – University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/18/18
  • Manitoba Theatre Center (1972) in Winnipeg, MB (V)
  • Marina City Towers (1964) in Chicago, IL (S)
  • McNamara Federal Building (1976) in Detroit, MI (S)
  • Meinel Optical Sciences Building (1970) on University of Arizona Campus in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/18/18
  • Metro Stations (1970s) in and around Washington, DC (V)
  • Michigan State Government Complex in Lansing, MI (S) – see photo below

Michigan State Government Complex in Lansing – photo by A. Klepetka

  • Minton-Capeheart Federal Building (1975) in Indianapolis, IN (V)
  • Montgomery County Circuit Court in Christiansburg, VA (S)
  • Munson Medical Center (Main Entrance/Area B) in Traverse City, MI (V)
  • Munson Medical Center (Area C) in Traverse City, MI (V)
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO (S) – added 2/12/18
  • Ohio Historical Center (1966) in Columbus, OH (S)
  • Pima County Community College, West Campus (1973) in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/23/18
  • Renaissance Center (1977) in Detroit, MI (V)
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (1968) in Rochester, NY (V)
  • School of Information Buildings(1963) in Ann Arbor, MI (V)
  • Sinclair Community College (various dates) in Dayton, OH (S)
  • St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church (1967) in Norton Shores, Michigan (V) – added 5/26/18
  • Thirlby Field (1934/1995) in Traverse City, MI (V)
  • Tower of History (1968) in Sault Ste. Marie, MI (S) – see photo below

Tower of History (1968) – Source:

  • Tucson Cherrybell Post Office (1972) in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/20/18
  • Tucson Music Hall (1971) in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/17/18
  • Tucson Police Department Headquarters (1974) in Tucson, AZ (V) – added 2/18/18
  • University Hall at UIC (1963) in Chicago, IL (V) – added 5/12/18
  • Valley Family Church (former Cathedral Church of Christ the King) (1977) in Portage, MI (S)
  • 2929 Plymouth Office Building (1969) in Ann Arbor, MI (V)

Interested in seeing Brutalist Architecture in Chicago? – here’s an eBay weblink to a map that’s available for purchase. Similar maps are available thru eBay for the following cities:

Sources and background:

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