Solar energy production in the USA on former surface mines

Solar farm at Chevron site near Questa, NM – Source:

The following list identifies those solar farms that have been commissioned and/or proposed to be located on a former mining site. Since many of these places have been severely impacted by mine operations, installing a solar array allows the impacted land to become productive in the creation of renewable energy, while not disturbing natural lands or those which are suitable for agriculture.

As the list shows, to date, there are not very many examples in the United States. Hopefully, as solar energy continues to grow in popularity and upfront costs continue to decline, more examples will come online in the next decade.


Martiki Coal Mine near Pilgrim = 200 MW solar farm on 1,200 acres (2024)


Bullfrog Gold Mine near Pahrump = ? MW on 1,700 acres (proposed)

New Mexico

Chevron Molybdenum Mine near Questa – 1.0 MW solar farm on 20 acres (2011)


Maple Hill Coal Mine near Portage = 100 MW solar farm on 700 acres (2022)


Mineral Gap Coal Mine in Mineral Garp = 3.5 MW solar farm on 22 acres (proposed)

Red Onion Coal Mine near Dante = 50 MW solar farm on 1,200 acres (2024/5)

West Virginia

Hobet Coal Mine on the Boone/Lincoln County boundary = 250 MW solar farm on 3,000 acres (proposed)


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