World’s highest skybridges

Skybridge atop the Lotte World Tower – Source:

The following list identifies the world’s highest skybridges that connect parts of one or multiple buildings. As new skybridges are constructed the list will be updated from time to time. The minimum height above ground for inclusion on the list is 300 feet.

Raffles City in Chongqing – Source: business

Please note that those skybridges which are so architecturally ingrained into the design of structure(s) that they do not link and/or connect freestanding towers (or portions thereof) are not included. An example of this is the CCTC Building in Beijing, China (see below) or the Dubai Frame (see second photo below). Also not included are those skybridges that are contained within an atrium-style structure.

CCTV Building – Source:

Dubai Frame – Source:

Notable from the list is that the vast majority of the skybridges listed below are located in warmer climate regions. It is hypothesized that this may be due to concerns about snow and ice load on skybridges in colder climates. As always, if some skybridges have been overlooked, please feel free to pass the information along for inclusion. Enjoy!

Kingdom Centre – Source:

Completed or Under Construction:

1. Lotte World Tower Skybridge (2020 – skybridge) in Seoul, South Korea = 1,774 feet (technically more of a tourist attraction than a functional connection)

2. Kingdom Centre Skybridge (2002) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia = 953 feet

3. Raffles City Crystal Skybridge (2020) in Chongquing, China = 820 feet (highest connecting multiple buildings)

4. Four Seasons Hotel Upper Skybridge (2015) in Manama, Bahrain = 787 feet

5. The Gate Skybridge (2013) in Abu Dhabi, UAE = 761 feet

6. Tamkeen Tower Skybridge (2012) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia = 738 feet

7. Sky View Address Hotel/Residences Skybridge (2019) in Dubai, UAE = 722 feet

8. Nation Towers Skybridge (2011) in Abu Dhabi, UAE = 656 feet

9. Marina Bay Sands Skybridge/SkyPark (2009) in Singapore = 626 feet

10. Golden Eagle Tiandi Skybridge (2020) in Nanjing, China = 590 feet

11. Intempo Skybridge (2021) in Benidorm, Spain = 589 feet (seven-story cone-shaped skybridge)

12. Sapphire by the Gardens Skybridge (2020) in Melbourne, Australia = 579 feet (estimated)

13. Petronas Towers Skybridge (1998) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia = 558 feet

14.- tie Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory (1993) in Osaka, Japan and BSA Twin Towers Skybridge (2011) in Manila Philippines = 525 feet

16. Torres El Faro Upper Skybridge (2005) in Buenos Aires, Argentina = 515 feet (estimated)

17. Arlozorov Young Towers Skybridge (2020) in Tel Aviv, Israel = 492 feet

18.- tie Tencent Seafront Towers Upper Skybridge (2017) in Shenzhen, China and The Pinnacle at Duxton Road Upper Skybridges in Singapore = 476 feet

20. Bahrain World Trade Center Upper Skybridge (2008) in Manama, Bahrain – 443 feet

21. 3-way tie Shenzhen Bay Innovation and Technology Center Upper Skybridge (2021); East Pacific Center Skybridge (2013) in Shenzhen, China; and Taryan Tower Skybridge (2023) in Kyiv, Ukraine = 426 feet

24. Sky Habitat Upper Skybridge (2015) in Singapore = 401 feet

25. One Shenton Towers 1 & 2 Upper Skybridge (2011) in Singapore = 394 feet

26.- tie St. Luke’s Tower Skybridge (1994) in Tokyo Japan and Oceania Business Tower Skybridge (2012)in Panama City, Panama = 361 feet

28. 3-way tie Bahrain World Trade Center Middle Skybridge (2008) in Manama, Bahrain; Monte Laa Towers Skybridge (2020) in Vienna, Austria; and One Za’abeel Intertower Skybridge (2021) in Dubai, UAE – 328 feet

31. Kyoto Hotel Skybridge (1995) in Pyongyang, North Korea = 312 feet

32. American Copper Towers Skybridge (2017) in New York City, NY = 300 feet

Sapphire by the Gardens – Source:

Unknown heights/proposed:

  • One River Point Skybridge in Miami, FL = 820 feet (proposed)
  • DJI Towers Skybridge in Shenzhen, China (under construction)
  • The Heaven Towers Skybridge in Hanoi, Vietnam (proposed)

Note – When the height of the skybridge was not specifically provided in the sources below, the height was determined the base of the skybridge using the diagram(s) on This may cause some variation in the numbers and how they were determined between structures.


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