A poem in your soul


Sometimes Mother Nature puts a song in your heart and a poem in your soul. It sure did that for me on this first frosty morning of the season here in Mid-Michigan as I nearly had this entire poem thought out during my dawn bicycle ride. Enjoy!

First Frost

The first frost of autumn

Chills the pre-dawn hush

Glazed upon the rooftops

By a divine artist’s brush

Wispy cirrus clouds

Adorn the soft blue sky

As contrails stretch about

To places far and wide

Songs are softly muted

A chirp or light melody

As nature reawakens

With its sweet harmony

I pedal along the pathway

The breeze upon my face

To enjoy refreshing air

Amidst this morning pace

As I ride, I listen

But the prime sounds that I hear

Are my tires on the concrete

And clicks from shifting gears

While I am rolling forward

I scan for subtle hints

Of the winter yet to come

Veiled in finely muted glints

A bright, golden ball arises

Reaching forth from afar

To melt crystal remnants

And raise the mercury bar

The frosty palette now gone

As the day begins to warm

The hint of change still beckons

If our climate follows form

Each season has its features

Each a moment set in time

But the first frost of autumn

Is most pleasant and sublime.

– Rick Brown – 2012

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5 Responses to A poem in your soul

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Very good, Rick!


  2. trailkrup says:

    You’ve painted a nice picture for the mind! Makes me want to get out and commute again!


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