Amazing offshore commercial airports

Nagoya , Japan: Chubu - Centrair - Source:

Nagoya, Japan: Chubu – Centrair – Source:

Above and below are a series of images of artificial island airports constructed offshore around the globe. Now and then, such proposals have been made for Chicago, Cleveland, and elsewhere, but to date all of those built have been in Asia (in China, Japan, Macau, South Korea, and Asiatic Turkey).  Particularly fascinating to this author is Macau’s airport with its mainland terminal and support facilities connected its islet runway by taxiways over the water (see below).

Some websites include two airports located in the Maldives in lists of island airports, but since those were constructed upon existing atolls instead of completely new islands, they were not incorporated into this list.

Macau - Source:

Macau – Source:

Enjoy these amazing feats of engineering, construction, and design. Cheers!

Macau - Source:

Macau – Source:

Hong Kong - Source:

Hong Kong, China – Source:

Kobe, Japan - Source:

Kobe, Japan – Source:

Fukuoka, Japan - Source:

Fukuoka-Kitakyushu, Japan – Source:

Nagasaki, Japan - Source:

Nagasaki, Japan – Source:

Osaka-Kansai - Source:

Osaka-Kansai, Japan – Source:

Ordu-Giresun, Turkey - Source:

Ordu-Giresun, Turkey – Source:

Seoul-Incheon - Source:

Seoul-Incheon – Source:


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