Global geography of per capita greenhouse gas emissions*


I thought the 2008 list provided below was interesting and quite disappointing at the same time. Those nations above 20 metric tons per capita should be ashamed by their lack of attention (or respect) for this global problem.

Kudos to those nations listed whose 2008 greenhouse gas emission are approximately ten or less metric tons per capita. It is also important is to look at the percentage change since 1990. While Turkey has the lowest emissions per capita, which is a good thing, it also has the highest growth rate, which is a bad trend. Those nations who have reduced their per capita emissions since 1990 should be congratulated.


Australia: 26.08 (+31.4%)

United States: 22:22 (+13.3%)

Canada: 22.08 (+24.1%)

New Zealand: 17.65 (+22.8%)

Russia: 15.77 (-32.9%)

Iceland: 15.47 (+42.9%)

Ireland: 15.20 (+23.0%)

Czech Republic: 13.70 (-27.5%)

Finland: 13.22 (-0.3%)

Belgium: 12.58 (-7.1%)

Netherlands: 12.52 (-2.4%)

Germany: 11.65 (-22.2%)

Greece: 11.39 (+22.8%)

Norway: 11.27 (+8.0%)

Slovenia: 10.56 (+15.2%)

Austria: 10.39 (+10.8%)

Poland: 10.38 (-12.7%)

United Kingdom: 10.32 (-18.5%)

Japan: 10.07 (+1.0%)

Ukraine: 9.30 (-53.9%)

Spain: 9.12 (+42.3%)

Italy: 9.08 (+4.7%)

France: 8.57 (-6.1%)

Portugal: 7.34 (+32.2%)

Hungary: 7.30 (-24.9%)

Switzerland: 7.06 (+0.5%)

Croatia: 7.04 (-0.9%)

Sweden: 6.95 (-11.7%)

Turkey: 4.96 (+96.0%)

* 2008 data not available for China, South Korea, Brazil, India, Mexico, and countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Central/South America.


Here is the link to the corresponding ma shown above, but please note that caution is urged since the most recent data varies quite widely by nation.

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3 Responses to Global geography of per capita greenhouse gas emissions*

  1. Terry Nobbe says:

    Rick: Please don’t be too concerned. Our Lord is returning soon, and in a series of events beginning with his arrival (Mt 16:27), the good folks will be separated from the evil (Mt 24:30, 31) and the evil will be burned with fire (Mt 13:41, 42). Shortly afterwards, Satan and his cohorts will be locked away for 1000 years during which time our earth will be restored to the way it was at Adam’s time and New Jerusalem (the City of God) will come down from Heaven. There will be no more “greenhouse gases” because there will be no roads or motor vehicles.


  2. Rick Brown says:

    Thank you for your comments, Terry. Regardless of one’s religious leanings, I believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to make ever effort possible to resolve our problems here on Earth in a timely manner.


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