Toasting the States with the most wineries in 2020 vs. 2018

American wine regions – Source:

As the data shows in the following chart, among the states with the most wineries, Colorado and Texas lead the way in the number of new wineries added over the past two (2) years. All 12 states saw growth in wineries and none come close the numbers found in California. Washington moved ahead of Oregon and Pennsylvania passed Virginia during this time period, but their numbers are so close it is likely they will occasionally swap positions back and forth for some time. Cheers!

Stylish Colorado wine tasting in Grand Junction – Source:

RANK    STATE         2020/2018                    2-YR GROWTH

  1. California = 4,613 wineries/4501 wineries          +2.5%
  2. Washington = 812 wineries/792 wineries           +2.5%
  3. Oregon = 809 wineries/793 wineries                   + 2.0%
  4. New York = 411 wineries/403 wineries                +2.0%
  5. Texas = 406 wineries/353 wineries                     +15.0%
  6. Pennsylvania = 308 wineries/285 wineries         +8.1%
  7. Virginia = 307 wineries/291 wineries                    +5.5%
  8. Ohio = 280 wineries/254 wineries                       +10.2%
  9. Michigan = 211 wineries/191 wineries                 +10.5%
  10. North Carolina = 175 wineries/171 wineries         +2.3%
  11. Missouri = 154 wineries/149 wineries                   +3.4%
  12. Colorado = 150 wineries/127 wineries                 +18.1%

Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan – Source:

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