Applying smart commute to travel

Dublin's LUAS light rail/tram system

Dublin’s LUAS light rail/tram system

We were very pleased and proud to utilize forms of smart commuting for our entire trip to/in/from Ireland last week. The following is a breakdown of our smart commute trips during our eight days of travel:

  • Commuter rail – 4
  • Intercity rail – 9
  • Light rail/tram – 2
  • Buses (tour and public) – 6
  • Walking/hiking – 35
  • Bicycle – 2
  • Jitney – 3
  • Carpool – 3

Total smart commute trips per person = 64 / Total smart commutes overall = 128

Please note that our total did not include walking to/at tour stops or our kayaking adventure. It does include the two tour bus trips themselves as one trip going and one trip returning on each of the two days we took trips via a tour bus. Our four airline flights are not included in the total.

Europe, much of Asia, and the large cities of South America and Oceania are perfect locations for employing the principles of smart commuting when traveling internationally. They have excellent railway and bus infrastructure, as well as ferry systems. In addition, many cities are the leaders in bicycling, particularly Amsterdam and Copenhagen. While we did not use the bike sharing system in Dublin, it was very evident and visible throughout the city as were bike rental locations in Killarney, which we did take advantage of on one day.

Bike share station in Dublin

Bike share station in Dublin

In addition, the compact nature of many European cities lends themselves to walking, which from the numbers provided above was easily our most common method of smart commuting at 55 percent of all smart commute trips. Various forms of rail were second at 23 percent, while buses/jitney totaled 14 percent.

Iarnrod Eirann train

Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) train

Here in North America, the smart commute options can be more limited, but still practical especially in larger or more progressive cities. All it takes Is a little research, some patience, and the time and wherewithal to follow through and adhere to your core values as a smart commuter.

Even the postman delivers using smart commute principles.

Even Irish postmen/women often deliver the mail by using smart commute principles.

When traveling, who wants to stress out about learning to drive a car on the opposite side of the road, to read road signs in a myriad of languages, to get hopelessly lost, to breathe motor vehicle exhaust in traffic jams, or to miss seeing noteworthy sites as your eyes remain glued to the road ahead (or at least they should be). Employing the principles of smart commuting to your travels will make vacationing that much more restful and enjoyable, plus provides one with the added bonus of soaking up all those positive vibes. Let’s face it – smart commuting is the healthy and eco-friendly way to travel the globe!

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