Celebrity bridges of the United States in pop culture

The following images and information identify 12 of the most well-known and recognizable “celebrity” bridges in the United States . These impressive structures have starred in a variety of pop culture media, including movies, documentaries, television and radio shows, books, music videos, songs, video games, logos, and the like. Too many of us, the geometric juxtaposition of steel, iron, cables, and concrete meshing with a skyline or scenic backdrop simply enthralls our spirit.

Manhattan Bridge – Source: images.fineartamerica.com

New River Gorge, Sunshine Skyway, Sixth Street Viaduct, and Bixby Creek/Canyon bridges – Sources: csengineermag.com, scientika.blogspot.com, latimes.com, and photoconcest.smithsonianmag.com


Of the bridges shown throughout this blogpost, five (5) are from New York, three (3) from California, two (2) are in Florida, and the other two (2) are from Michigan and West Virginia. In terms of bridge design, five (5) are suspension bridges, one is a steel arch, one is a concrete arch, one is a tilted-concrete arch, one is a cable-stayed bridge, one is a cantilevered bridge, and last one is a box girder bridge. The numbers provided along with each bridge listing are meant to show how often it has been depicted in the mass media and are not necessarily meant to be exact, up-to-date numbers.

If there are any celebrity bridges in the United States that may have been overlooked, please feel free to pass them along. Peace!


Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California = 19 television shows, 42 movies, 2 documentaries, 8 video games, and numerous books, commercials, and logos

Scene from “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Source: memory-alpha.wikia.com
Cisco Systems logo featuring Golden Gate Bridge – Source: logo history.blogspot.com


Sixth Street Viaduct* – Los Angeles, California = 15 television shows, 45 movies, 6 video games, 58 music videos, and numerous commercials

Starting line in “Grease” drag race beneath the Sixth Street Viaduct – Source: filmforlife.org
Below the Sixth Street Viaduct in the animated film, “The Bad Guys” – Source: latimes.com


Brooklyn Bridge – New York City, New York = at least 2 television series, 18+ movies, 2 documentaries; 1 video game, 1 band name, 1 song, and numerous books

Frank Sinatra from movie – “It Happened in Brooklyn” – Source: youtube.com
Source: youtube.com


Bixby Creek/Canyon Bridge – Big Sur, California = 2 television shows, 3 movies, 1 video game, 1 song title, 1 stamp, and numerous auto commercials

Bixby Bridge Stamp – Source: centralcoastfilmsocety.com


Mackinac Bridge – Mackinaw City-St. Ignace, Michigan = 3 television shows; 1 documentary; at least 2 stamps; certain Michigan license plates; and multiple books, commercials, and logos

Source: linns.com
Source: pinterest.com


Seven Mile Bridge* – Florida Keys, Florida = 1 television show and 3 movies

Scene from “True Lies” on the Seven Mile Bridge – Source: sceen-it.com


George Washington Bridge – New York City, NewYork/New Jersey = 8 movies, 2 video games, 2 songs, 1 comic book, and multiple books

George Washington Bridge in scene from “Force of Evil” – Source: bfs.org.uk


New River Gorge Bridge – Fayetteville, West Virginia = 1 movie, 2 documentaries, 1 coin, multiple books, and at least 1 commercial

New River Gorge Bridge – Source: onlyinyourstate.com


Manhattan Bridge – New York City, New York = 2 television shows, 10 movies, 1 video game, and multiple books

Manhattan Bridge – Source: pinterest.com

Sunshine Skyway* – St. Petersburg, Florida = 2 television show, 3 movies, 1, documentary, 1 radio show, 2 songs, at least 4 books, and 1 stamp

Sunshine Skyway book – Source: jeannievanrompaey.com
Sunshine Skyway – Source: youtube.com


Queensboro Bridge – New York City, New York = 1 televisions show, 3 books including Charlotte’s Web, and 1 song

Queensboro Bridge in the intro to “Taxi” – Source: villagepreservation.org

Verrazano Narrows Bridge – New York City, New York = at least 1 television show and 11 movies – most famously depicted in Saturday Night Fever

Scene on Verrazano Narrows Bridge from “Saturday Night Fever” – Source: groovy history.com


*Original and replacement bridge


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