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A bolder thesis from Boulder

I finished reading an excellent economic development planning and entrepreneurship book a week or so ago. It is entitled Startup Communities by entrepreneur and author Brad Feld. In the book, Mr. Feld adeptly describes how the Boulder, Colorado startup community began, … Continue reading

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Cultivating a “GRand” farmers’ market

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of patronizing one of the finest farmers’ markets in the country for the first time – the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market in Grand Rapids. I have visited farmers’ markets in Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Greater Lansing, … Continue reading

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Art at the heart of place – review of “The 100 Best Art Towns in America/Canada”

I purchased this very informative and detailed book (The 100 Best Art Towns in America) by John Villani in 2005 shortly after its fourth edition had been released. It provides an interesting synopsis of how small to medium-sized communities around the nation and in Canada … Continue reading

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Pesky raiders in our economic garden

Much has been touted in recent years about the concept of economic gardening as a way to revive depressed economies. In a nutshell it means to grow new jobs organically from within the community instead of trying to attract new … Continue reading

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